The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume One


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"If the quality of a literary magazine’s best short fiction is an index of excellence, this collection should leave no one in doubt of either The Lifted Brow’s ambitions, nor of its track record in realising them." 
Australian Book Review

"This 'best of’ edition condenses highlights from their first five years into paperback form. It opens with Michaela McGuire’s triumphant fuck you to menial employment in a Brisbane casino, then moves through 230 or so pages of bone-welted hearts, cancer comedy, 'Women of Mystery’, modern religious philosophy and 'Yogurt Guzzling Guar Gum Sluts’. Next time you’re convinced the world is full of morons with no interest in probing what 21st-century life feels like, pick up a copy and have a read." 
The Thousands

"The Lifted Brow has long been one of my favourite Australian literary publications; reading an anthology of their best pieces before anyone else had a chance to was easily the greatest task I’ve ever been set" 
Lip magazine

"Some really great shit in here. The Lifted Brow is a small aussie literary journal btw."
'John', over at Goodreads



Since 2007, The Lifted Brow has grown into Australia's most exciting literary magazine, publishing hot local talent like Benjamin Law, Romy Ash, and Anna Krien alongside international stars like Karen Russell, Heidi Julavits, and David Foster Wallace.

The Best of The Lifted Brow celebrates five years of sheer nerve and dangerous excess. Alongside strange, sharp fiction from Frank Moorhouse, Christos Tsiolkas, and Rick Moody, there's personal essay and reportage that ranges wide and digs deep: Luke Ryan gets cancer twice, Michaela McGuire sabotages her casino job, Liam Pieper investigates how cocaine gets to Australia, and Alice Pung discovers just how different girls can grow up to be.



Brow and Then - Ronnie Scott
Reports from the Streets of Brisbane - Michaela McGuire
Pang - Robert Shearman
On Cocaine - Liam Pieper
Luke's Got Cancer - Luke Ryan
Serious Adverse Events - Tao Lin
Coyote Bait - Tom Lombardi
Dagger Lane - Adam Levin
Harold Holt - Chris Somerville
America - Sam Cooney
Santosbrazzi Killer - Heidi Julavits
Minotaur - Jim Shepard
A New Examiner - David Foster Wallace
Pornography Available for Download from the United Dairy Council -
Glen David Gold
Heat! Vermin! Pestilence! - Benjamin Law
Shooting Lunch - Romy Ash
Cottage Gardening - Karen Russell
Arboretum - n a bourke
From Now On All I'll Talk About Is Light - Blake Butler
Silver Swan - Rebecca Giggs
More Women of Mystery - Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown
The Dacian - Christos Tsiolkas
In a German University - Frank Moorhouse
Advance Praise for the "Atonement" Murders - Rick Moody
Patagonia - Benjamin Kunkel
Shipwreck - Elspeth Muir
Returning - Alice Pung
What Are the Attributes of God? - Tom Cho
Golden Circle Pineapple - Anna Krien

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