The Lifted Brow #12 | The Food Issue


From Hungry Jacks to Noma: Under a slightly confronting cover by the great Lilli Carre, Sophie Langley makes some proposals about the future of supermarket shopping; Romy Ash shoots a rabbit from a moving car; Chad Parkhill goes into frankly stunning detail about the proper selection and storage of vermouth; and Sam Cooney explores the hard-to-accept truth that German food is frequently disgusting. Michaela McGuire celebrates her one-year anniversary of eating at Noma by eating at Noma; Pete Garrow writes about the impossibility of writing about El Bulli; Lorelei Vashti writes home with three different stories about Turkish food; and Lia Steele presents a compelling argument about the very nicest way to make a toastie. There is fiction by Adam Moorad, Luke B. Goebel, and Rajiv Thind. There is Luise Toma on the serious problems of being the girlfriend of a burgeoning chef. There is Anna Barnes trying to figure out why celebrities want to tell us about their cooking. There is Alice Pung, Roxane Gay, environmental consultancy, Ben Merriman. BRYAN WHALEN too. There are limericks about meat by Thomas Benjamin Guerney, and drawings of comestibles by Michael DeForge. Meanwhile, comics! Alongside our regulars, Eddie Campbell, Mandy Ord, Ben Sea, Ben Juers, Blaise Larmee, Noel Freibert, and Mark Connery, we’ve got the onset of a new ongoing thing by Renee French, and Dash Shaw documenting the making of Jurassic Park. Bringing up the rear, James Mcculloch teaches you how to roast your pasta; Emma Hewitt draws to show the way. And in Middlebrow, our arts pages, Sam Martin recommends David Brooks and Tina Fey; Jez Burrows talks typography; Michelle Law on whether TV can teach you how to cook; Bhakthi Puvanenthiran recommends the Australian Women’s Weekly Dinner Party Cookbook; Zoe Barron recommends Plasmo; Liam Pieper speaks to Jason Jones of Mamasita, the chef who is changing how we eat Mexican food; the Brothers with Excellent Grammar bring another Quite Specific Crossword, this one quite specifically about food; and Tom Cowie, of Crikey fame, visits Reno’s, and proceeds to eat all that he can. Lilli Carre, Sam Cooney, Anna Barnes, Ben Merriman, Alice Pung, Environmental Consultancy, Luise Toma, James Mcculloch, Emma Hewitt, Blaise Larmee, Ben Juers, Eddie Campbell, Mark Connery, Renee French, Mamasita’s Jason Jones, Liam Pieper, Jez Burrows, Michelle Law, Sophie Langley, Chad Parkhill, Romy Ash, Colin Trechter, Luke B. Goebel, Adam Moorad, Rajiv Thind, Roxane Gay, Ben Sea, Dash Shaw, Noel Freibert, Mandy Ord, Tom Cowie, Sam Martin, Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, Zoe Barron, Brothers with Excellent Grammar, Karolina Sulich, Thomas Benjamin Guerney, Michael DeForge, Michael P Fikaris, Dave Drayton, Corey Green, Bryan Whalen, Michaela McGuire, Pete Garrow, Lia Steele, Lorelei Vashti.

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