The Lifted Brow #13 | The 'Lucky 13' Issue (SOLD OUT)


Sold Out

Lucas Smith investigates a missing tourist in Fiji; there’s lengthy fiction from Sean Casey, Caren Beilin, and Scott Pearse; there’s early excerpts from a book-in-progress by Ouyang Yu, a groundbreaking rework of a classical Chinese form; the debut of LAW SCHOOL, the new advice column from Benjamin Law and his mother, Jenny – if you’ve read Ben’s memoir, The Family Law, you’ll know how out-and-out wonderful this is. There’s Alice Pung on race and class in the suburb she grew up in; Rhianna Boyle, our new nature columnist, on the implications of being a multicellular form; the long oral history of a professional dominatrix; a new column from Vijay Khurana of Triple J fame; Jenny Valentish (editor of Time Out Melbourne) in conversation with Mark Dapin (founding editor of Ralph); Pip Smith going hard and deep into the literary politics of young Sydney; Rebecca Harkins-Cross on working-class crime; there’s Andre Dao at the Wired Lab Workshop, and because apparently we can’t stop talking about David Foster Wallace and Game of Thrones, there’s Amy Bergen on David Foster Wallace, and Michelle Law on Game of Thrones. All that, and Lou Sanz, Ben Juers, Renee French, and Eddie Campbell too. Oh, and Matt LeMay recommending his own band, Get Him Eat Him; and Zora Sanders, woman-about-town; and Blaise Larmee and – you know. There’s just a lot of stuff in this issue. You’re guaranteed to like it when it comes.

Mark Warren Jacques, Lou Sanz, Alice Pung, Rhianna Boyle, Patrick Clelland, Luise Toma, Ben Merriman, a Dominatrix, Vijay Khurana, James Mcculloch, Emma Hewitt, Lucas Smith, Sean Casey, Caren Beilin, Scott Pearse, Eddie Campbell, Ben Juers, Mark Connery, Renee French, Ben Sea, Blaise Larmee, Noel Freibert, Mandy Ord, Mark Dapin, Jenny Valentish, Ellena Savage, Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Pip Smith, Michelle Law, Andre Dao, Matt LeMay, Sarah Laing, Zora Sanders, Ouyang Yu, Seripop, Max Blackmore, Nic Tammens, Roger Wilkie, Tim McGuire, Mara Coson, Stuart Glover, Amy Bergen, Benjamin Law, Jenny Law.

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