The Lifted Brow #15


What’s in issue 15? All of this: Nic Low journeys through South Korea and almost North Korea; Jenny Valentish tries out every single new age healing experience she can find; Aden Rolfe dives even deeper into his obsessions with crows and ravens (are crows and ravens even actually different?); Kelly Chandler gets lost in her local mall Shoppo; Sam Rodgers takes an uncomfortable look at racism; and Nick Marland goes to see his hero Woody Allen play clarinet in New York City and accidentally trips him over. There’s excellent fiction from Laura Jean McKay, Peta Murphy, Gabe Durham, Michael Mohammed Ahmad, and Peter Polites. Christine Priestly has penned what could be her best Work interview yet: on Pia Interlandi, funeral celebrant and dresser of the dead. Our regulars are back too: Rhianna Boyle on Nature, Chad Parkhill on Booze, and Luise Toma writing once more, this time about her pregnancy. We have heaps of newcomers as well, like Nina Gibb who starts her Psychobabble column, and Melbourne musician Giles Simon Fielke tries to find out just what is up with small record label Albert’s Basement. Tim McGuire, Lauren Kate Stanley and Ben Merriman let us look inside their minds and man it’s gnarly in there; Samuel Rutter translates fiction from Chilean author Carlos Labbé; and James Mcculloch gives us two recipe ideas for that most sexy/slurpy of fruits, the mango. Then of course there’s our Middlebrow section, packed with killer writing about the arts. David Donaldson profiles Brett Whiteley; film columnist Rebecca Harkins-Cross looks at the depiction of prostitution in Australian cinema; André Dao is obsessed with loops in music and in his own life; Roger Nelson reports once more on the art happenings in Cambodia; Ellena Savage ponders on whether spoilers in books add or take away from the enjoyment; Gillian Terzis applies her business acumen to employment and unemployment; and Michelle Law argues her case for the TV series Survivor. There are poems by Samantha Hogg; lists by Patrick Lenton, Alexander Bennetts, Karma Chahine and Jennifer Mills; sex advice from Ben and Jenny Law; a hair-centric letter to the editor from Maree Reedman, startling illustrations from Lily Mae Martin, front cover artwork from Daniel Guerrero Fernández, a centrefold lift-out by David Brun, and wonderful full-page comics from Ben Sea, Blaise Larmee, Noel Freibert, Tin Can Forest, Simon Hanselmann, Ben Juers and Bailey Sharp. Also illustrations by Seb Ratcliffe, Matt Bissett-Johnson, LK James, Kathryn Renowden, Sab Meynert, and Ushan Boyd.

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