The Lifted Brow #16 | WHAT EVEN IS PERTH?


Issue 16 of The Lifted Brow (‘What Even Is Perth’) features: Lily Chan on the Perth artist-run initiative Paper Mountain, Martin McKenzie-Murray on the murder of Rebecca Ryle, and Josephine Rowe on the great Dorothy Hewett. Zoe Barron writes about a bike workshop/social program in Perth, Christine Priestly profiles a Rottnest Island guide, Sam Lieblich waxes lyrical about what he labels his ‘sichuan compromise’, and Sarah Gory delves into hers and her family’s history in Perth. Chad Parkhill just won’t stop writing about booze, and our regular Middlebrow writers also get in on the Perth theme: Roger Nelson focuses on the artist Pinaree Sanpitak, Ellena Savage looks at the books of Elizabeth Jolley, film columnist Rebecca Harkins-Cross analyses Red Dog and Wake in Fright, Gillian Terzis tackles Gina Rinehart, Andre Dao finds Perth’s avant-garde music scene, and Michelle Law travels to Perth to become a star. There’s fiction by Elizabeth Tan and Sam Rivers, letters from Luke Ryan, James Quinton and Amber Fresh, recommendations by Andrew Murray, Dom Amarena and Clare Davidson, and Ben and Jenny Law answer sex questions from Perth readers. Featured also is photography from Jackson Eaton and Traianos Pakioufakis, plus we have Perth-themed artwork from Emma Hewitt, Jessica Horrocks, Jessyca Hutchens, Tristan Fidler, Leonie Brialey, Sean Morris, Andrei Buters, Ben Juers and Bailey Sharp. And the intro comment comes from the amazing guest-editor for this issue, ex-pat Perthite Patrick Pittman.

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