The Lifted Brow #18


Estelle Tang fucking loves Bejeweled, Christine Priestly has interviewed a ballet dancer, Briohny Doyle looks for Loretta Lynn, and Rhianna Boyle digs into the weird practices of official scientific naming. Chad Parkhill drinks no booze for his booze column, Nina Gibb ponders whether artistic stealing is a-okay, Paul Dalla Rosa undresses the Superman myth, and Luise Toma remembers a particular hitchhiker. The Middlebrow arts lift-out once again boom-shackalacka-booms: Roger Nelson examines the Guggenheim’s No Country project, Ellena Savage discusses books and personal ethics, Stephanie Van Schilt asks if Baz Luhrmann is Australian enough and if that even matters, Sanjay Fernandes visits The Wired Lab, Michelle Law literally asks whether we should revisit our favourite TV shows from childhood, Matthew Clayfield wonders who owes whom in the world of Australian theatre, and Lucas Smith profiles Barbara Baynton. There’s tricky fiction from Ryan O’Neill, Chris Vaughan and Ben Walter, and James Brown and Pip Smiththrow their poems right at your face. There’s also snappy writing from Bronte Coates, Peter Dawncy, Bryan Whalen, Helen Addison-Smith, Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang. Co mics in this issue are by Simon Hanselmann, HTMLflowers, Katie Parrish, Noel Freibert, Leonie Brialey, Ben Juers, Lashna Tuschewski and David C Mahler. The recent work of painter Total Bore (Bligh Twyford-Moore) is yours in poster format, and various illustrations and artworks include those by Alex Mustakov, Jason Murphy, Colin Panetta, Brad Amorosino, Eadie Newman, Evie Cahir and Liberty Browne. 

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