The Lifted Brow #19 | The MWF Issue


Issue 19 of The Lifted Brow is our Melbourne Writers Festival 2013 issue. Made in ten days, on-site at the festival, with every contribution somehow related to the festival: the issue is generally just a big pile of silly and stress. But a glorious pile! The issue! It’s gorgeous! So festive! So everything! So brimming with talent: Briohny Doyle analyses the girl everyone is always talking about a lot/perhaps too much, Tavi; Jessie Borrelle gives Ophira Eisenberg 20 bucks and changes her life; Lorelei Vashti takes Laurent Binet to Melbourne’s ‘Laurent’ café; and Brendan Maclean interviews and then reviews his interviews with music reviewers Chris Ruen and Andrew Mueller. Our regular columnists do their thing: Rhianna Boyle talks dirty about bacterial filth; Arnold Zable tells Christine Priestly about his work; and Chad Parkhill broods on ‘drinking culture’. Alice Pung remembers her time in China; while Twitter’s Petar Carey brings his game. Lally Katz gets the Dion Kagan treatment; and Sam West kindly escorts in the lols with ‘The Not-London Review of Brook(e)s’.

TLB19 is also full of new and innovative fiction: Margo Lanagan spins some storytelling magic; we have a translated story from Andrés Neuman; Sam Rutter makes fiction using Neuman as inspiration; Andre Dao does a big Boris Johnson; and Laura Jean McKay jumbles and jaunts with Junot Diaz.

We have some heavy-hitters, too: Giles Fielke ruminates on the NGV’s painting of Lucrezia Borgia; Maddy Martiniello tackles Jacqueline Rose; and Nina Gibbs wanders around the Melbourne of local cult novels. We’ve also got Tully Hansen covering the colossal MWF Dragon Walk and some really amazing ‘Tiny Ideas’ – the unofficial counterpart to MWF’s ‘Big Ideas’.

Meanwhile, our regular Middlebrow section is betterer than ever: Michelle Law talks about the talkative Gilmore Girls; Rebecca Harkins-Cross takes on Tim Winton; and Chris Somerville can’t interview the author he wanted to. The MWF/Middlebrow conversations continue, with Gillian Terzis hanging with Jeremy Harding, Ellena Savage tracking down Junot Diaz, Michelle Law taking tea with Margot Lanagan, and Leona Hameed chatting with Annie Zaidi. Ali Alizadeh, Heiko Julien, Oliver Mol and Sofija Stefanovic get their recommendations on; a bunch of brilliant brains tell us what they really think about writers festivals; and Matthew Clayfield has so many new things to say about bullfighting and theatre.

We made this issue on-site at a bar in Federation Square, so it’s fitting we’re including a dozen rejected Fed Square designs from the 1970s. Our usual crazy array of artwork and comics from TLB favourite visualists are included—Katie Parrish, Leonie Brialey, Jo Waite, David C. Mahler, Michael Hawkins, Lashna Tuschewski, Marc Person and more—and most were created in a drawing party that included bowls of hot chips and gin mixed with peach juice.

TLB19 also has nutty/sexy/cool guest spreads from local publications Crazy In Love, Stilts and Filmme Fatales. And of course, get ready to drop-trousers and be taken to school with Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny as they talk sex.

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