The Lifted Brow #2


Andrew Crockett, Sarah Grey, Tao Lin, Alasdair Duncan, Ronnie Scott, Chris Somerville, Chad Parkhill, Matthew Lamb, Jarryd Luke, Dean Bakopoulos, Chris Currie, Nina Riddel, Jane York, Amy Thomas, Jessa Crispin, Cristian Stromblad, Luise Toma, Michaela McGuire, Liberty Browne, Chloe Emerson, Ben Spencer, Anthony Coxeter, Peter Minter, Ken Bolton, Thomas Benjamin Guerney, Simian Lines, Ben Constantine and Mel Stringer, Woodley Nye, Ambitious Lovers, BigStrongBrute, Carry Nation, To the North, Shiver Like Timber, Marlinchen, Capital, Kes, Joel Saunders, A Man Called Son, The Night Crash, Genevieve Graves, Shakes, Rialto Decibel Choir, The Tiny Animal.

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