The Lifted Brow #21 | The Sex Issue


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Issue 21 of Australia's most interesting magazine — The Sex Issue

TLB21 is our long-awaited Sex Issue — a bumper 88-page edition of the magazine dedicated to discussing, criticising and celebrating the notions and ideas of 'sex'. 

Inside the double Jonny Negron covers you will find: Adam Curley goes on a journey to find the vulnerable River Phoenix; Sofija Stefanovic seeks out eerily lifelike sex dolls and those who own them; Oscar Schwartz uses Tinder; Amy Gray remembers her sadomasochistic sexual history; Sam West reviews a whole lot of different porn sites; H.D. Thompson reviews all the dates he went on in one NYC summer last year; Beth Blanchard watches some sexually hysterical literary readings; David Donaldson ponders the language we use to describe sex in the animal kingdom; Sam George-Allen wonders where magic stops and sexual attraction starts; Ara Sarafian discusses the world of sex as it exists in Afghanistan; and Zenobia Frost digs deeps into the current state and ideas surrounding polyamory.

Patrick Marlborough reminisces about his glory days of masturbation; James Brown is back with more poems — these ones as sexy as all get-out; Astrid Lorange feeds you one-liners; Jenny Sinclair has chopped and hacked into ye olde sex manuals and in doing so makes them new; and Dr Christopher Fox explains how we've got it all wrong with penis sizes. 

Law School is a bit special this time around: joining Ben Law and his mum Jenny to answer your sex questions is the one and only Dan Savage. And my oh my, doesn't he get stuck right in.

Our regular columnists tee off, sexually speaking, with Christine Priestly's profile of escort and porn star Madison Missina, Briohny Doyle's take on BDSM, Rhianna Boyle's close-up analysis of the birds and the bees (mostly the birds), Nina Gibb's personal tale of sexual bodysnatching aka sexomnia, and Chad Parkhill's take on how we mix alcohol and talk of sex and sexual abuse.

And in the uber-creative department, we have Shia LeBeouf erotic fan fiction from Briohny Doyle, and sexually charged short stories from Krissy Keen and Darren Groth. 

Middlebrow! It's the best arts/culture lift-out that's ever been realised, and this issue is no different. Andre Dao remembers the time he met sound artist Tom Grant; Rebecca Harkins-Cross takes a look at the mothers-doing-sons book — Anne Fontaine's Adoration; Ellena Savage tackles hebephilia; Stephanie Van Schilt is and always has been a dirty little creep; Michelle Law signs off on her TV column with a general overview of sex on the box; Shaun Prescott argues that sex in video games can never be sexy; and Matthew Clayfield represses his sexual instincts with the idea that theatre criticism is a type of eulogy. Plus the recommendations: Holly Childs recommends making things happen in non-/half-IRL spaces; Jessica Friedmann recommends trying to conceive; and Benjamin Riley recommends you find out the colour of your penis. And Lachlan Mitchell wrote some dirty poems and took photos of them on his iPhone.

There are comics and artwork from Sam Wallman, Leigh Rigozzi, Audrey Schmidt, Merv Heers, Evie Cahir, Zeijan Shen, Michael Hawkins, mickey zacchilli, Ruth O'Leary, and Kasia Lynch. Also find editorial illustrations from Ellen Porteus, Nicky Minus, Tessa McDonnell, Lashna Tuschewski, Sara Drake, Krystal DiFronzo, Bonnie Draws, and Maria Blackwell.



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