The Lifted Brow #23 | The Ego Issue


Within the contents of this 23rd issue of the print edition of The Lifted Brow you will find very excellent pieces of writing and visual art that seek to probe and engross issues concerning the self, identity, ego, arrogance, and related matters, all without the author becoming a one person human centipede — someone trying desperately to say something but being blocked by their own anus. Also, as a direct response to the ubiquity of the ego in writing and the world, all contributors were banned from using subjective, objective and possessive first-person pronouns, both singular and plural — a job that was difficult for them as well as for the editorial crew, but a job that has been done.


TLB23 (The Ego Issue) — JUNE/JULY 2014 


Cover art: Nick Drnaso


Comment: 'Watching' by Justin Wolfers


WORK – 'Mark Rostoks: Life Coach' by Christine Priestly
NATURE – 'The Monkey in the Mirror' by Rhianna Boyle
BOOZE – 'To Be of Use: Bartending and Mindfulness' by Chad Parkhill
PSYCHOBABBLE – 'Freakout! (Don’t Take the Brown Acid)' by Nina Gibb 
ASTRONOMY – 'Extraterrestrials, Ego and Exploration: Mankind’s Search for Alien Intelligence' by Nick Taras


Nonfiction features: 
'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance: Feminist Ghosts and Monstrous Women of Asia' by Stephanie Lai
'The Artist Is Not Present: Anonymity in Literature' by David Donaldson
'The Offender' by Emily Meller
Jack Kerouac interviewed by Liam Pieper
'Moustache is Garlic, Pink is Crucifix' by Daniel Wood


Fiction features:
'Baseball Metaphor, Extended' – Lauren Oyler
'Six New Anecdotes' by Wayne Macauley
'At A Time When The Sky Had Been Slapped' by Dan Hogan
'Self's The Man' by Adam Ouston


Middlebrow arts lift-out:
FILM — 'Two or Three Things Auteurs Know About Auteurs' by Rebecca Harkins-Cross
ART — 'Valuing the Subjective at the 31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit' by Roger Nelson
DISCOURSE — 'Connecting the Dots' by James Robert Douglas 
GAMES — 'Breaking The Game: The beauty of a game world’s outer limits' by Shaun Prescott
MUSIC — 'What Was Nu Metal Anyway?' by Jonathan David Brent
WORDS — 'Their Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond Them' by Ellena Savage
PERFORMANCE — 'Dying On Stage: Feminism 4.0' by Jana Perkovic
Comics and artworks: Texta Queen, Sam Wallman, Alexander Robyn, Laura Callaghan, Kate Geck, 'advice comics' (with Ben Juers, Edie Fake, Andrew Connor and Walker Mettling), Lea Heinrich, Ken Johnson
Law School: Sex and relationship questions answered by Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny


Visual illustrations throughout: Benjamin Urkowitz, Charlotte Dumortier, Lucy Roleff, Molly Dyson, Marc Pearson, Ines Estrada, Lachlan Conn, Ben Juers

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