The Lifted Brow #30


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Issue 30 of The Lifted Brow features:

  • cover artwork by Freda Chiu, and feature art pages inside also by Freda
  • nonfiction from Luke Carman, Antonia Hayes, Dion Kagan, Lee Kofman, Jana Perkovic, Stephanie Van Schilt, Rachel Hennessy, Fregmonto Stokes, Lauren Carroll Harris, Emily Meller, Elizabeth Bryer, Iris Lee, Anezka Sero, Rebecca Jessen, Rosie Funder, Joshua Barnes, and a response by Hamishi Farah, Aurelia Guo and Zac Segbedzi
  • fiction by Joy Williams, and by Ryan O'Neill 
  • comics and artwork from Sam Wallman, Tommi PG, Ines Estrada, Merv Heers, Sam Dexter Davis, Maren Karlson, Grace Wilson, Hamishi Farah, Rachel Ang, Lizzie Nagy, Andy Connor, Aaron Billings, Angelica Roache-Wilson, Haein Kim, Elenor Kopka, Michael Hawkins, Hiro Mcl, Ben Juers, Nancy Liang, Anuj Shrestha, Haejin Park, Dewey Guyen, Jayde Perkin, and Susanna Rose Sykes
  • poetry by Natalie Eilbert, and by Izzy Roberts-Orr
  • and, as always, Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny's sex and relationships advice column


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